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March 20th, 2023


Zebra recently completed the V1.1 Version of the Configuration & Analysis Meta Tool. In this version, we have extended Change Management (CM) to include OASyS Display Objects. Display Objects can now be managed with the same rigor as database changes and, as part of a change set, can be pushed and promoted together with the associated database changes.


September 8th, 2022


Daniel Sedlov certifies as an OASyS DNA Certified Systems Integrator by taking the AVEVA Software Certified Systems Integrator Exam for OASyS DNA.


March 23rd, 2022


Jacques van Dijk is the first of our consultants to take the AVEVA Software Certified Systems Integrator Exam for OASyS DNA.


December 1st, 2020


We are pleased to announce that Zebra Projects Inc is now an AVEVA Registered System Integrator.


We can assist customers to effectively implement Enterprise Pipeline Management systems as well as Analytics for Oil&Gas Pipelines using AVEVA’s “Enterprise SCADA” (formerly known as OASyS) and related products such as “Pipeline Operations for Gas” and “Pipeline Operations for Liquids”. 


We also have extensive experience with Advanced DMS integration with AVEVA’s Enterprise SCADA (formerly known as OASyS)


We also offer custom software development of applications making use of SCADA data; protocol implementations; SCADA solution integration including design, configuration, display development and project management. 


October 15th, 2019


We are pleased to announce that Alan Novakowski is joining the Zebra team as a Senior Engineering and Project Manager.


Alan brings more than 40 years of experiencing in engineering and project management in the Oil&Gas, Electrical Transmission & Distribution and Water Utility markets in North American and International projects. 


In his distinguished career, Alan has managed engineering teams and projects in various countries on various continents ranging from Egypt to Greece and from Africa, North and South America to Eastern Europe. In addition, Alan directed Delivery, Customer Support and Quality Assurance as a Director for Telvent and Schneider-Electric.


Fluent in English, French and German, Alan will be leading our project delivery group with a focus on International projects.


As Alan was a mentor to many of us in our careers, we are really looking forward to working with him again. 


July 17th, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Barry Patterson is joining the Zebra team as a Senior Integration Architect.


Barry has worked for more than 35 years in various roles in SCADA and Pipeline Management Systems for Oil&Gas as well as SCADA and advanced applications for the Electrical Utility market with Valmet/Telvent/Schneider Electric/AVEVA. In a progression of roles, Barry started out as a System Engineer installing and configuring Oil&Gas systems, progressed into various management roles including managing System Engineering, QA/Test and Product Development before taking on the role of Director of R&D, then working in Enterprise Architecture as a Realtime Business Architect, working in Business Development and then switched over to the Electrical Utility market as Technical Director of Smart Grid Delivery and Director of Electric Solutions Architecture and then reverting back to Oil&Gas as a Senior Oil&Gas Solutions Architect.


As a Senior Oil&Gas Solutions Architect, Barry provided high level support and guidance to project delivery teams globally with specific focus on areas such as Critical Infrastructure solution architecture, Distributed systems, Cyber Security, Enterprise integration, Virtualized solutions and Software Integration.


As a Real-time Solutions Architect, Barry has architected dozens of Critical Infrastructure solutions for the Energy Industries (Electric Distribution, Oil & Gas transmission pipelines) – BC Hydro, Hydro One, Epcor, Exelon, Exel, Fortis, PG&E, Dominion, AGLR, Chevron, ExxonMobil, TransCanada, …, ensured compliance with appropriate cyber security standards: NERC/CIP, IEC 62443/ISA99 and provided a depth in defense approach to hardening solution architectures – Networking, Principal of least privilege, Center of Internet Security (CIS) Windows infrastructure hardening and security products integration.


We are really pleased to have Barry on board – we’ve really enjoyed working with Barry in the past – a highlight was working together on documenting the EPLMS Solution Architecture as well as AIT (the Automated Install Tool) at AVEVA.


May 16th, 2019

Zebra has been in hibernation as the principals have been busy working at Telvent / Schneider Electric / AVEVA. We have led software development for Oil&Gas Applications for the market leading Pipeline Management System for Oil&Gas (AVEVA’s EPLMS applications based on OASyS), architected Solutions for projects on multiple continents, and presented at conferences from Baku in Azerbaijan to San Paulo in Brazil on subjects from Pipeline Management Systems to Analytics for Pipelines.

But now we’re getting back to providing solutions - our experience on various platforms on numerous projects have allowed us to gain experience in a wide range of technologies somewhat removed from the real-time/embedded arena - allowing us to thrive on problem resolution rather than software development per se.

Our aim is to provide the best solution using the appropriate technology for a problem, rather than the coolest or newest.

And we have some products that have to move from lab to market. Stay posted.