About Zebra Projects - Solutions found here!

Zebra Projects Inc is a solution company with experience and accomplishment in all phases of the solution/software/product development and delivery life cycle. 


Customers have relied on us to integrate, install and support existing software products; to manage projects; provide subject matter expertise; design solutions as well as develop high quality software where custom solutions are required. 



What Zebra Projects Offers

We offer custom software development of applications making use of SCADA data; protocol implementations; SCADA solution integration including design, configuration, display development and project management.

We can assist customers to effectively implement Enterprise Pipeline Management systems solutions as well as Analytics for Oil&Gas Pipelines.

Our experience on various platforms on numerous projects have allowed us to gain experience in a wide range of technologies somewhat removed from the realtime/embedded arena - allowing us to thrive on problem resolution rather than software development per se.

Our aim is to provide the best solution using the appropriate technology for a problem, rather than the coolest or newest.